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Repair Procedure -Brand New Products
Marine Radios=3yr Warranty Scanner Radios=1yr Warranty
Video Surveillance=1yr. Warranty
CB Radios=1yr. Warranty  
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Return Information
If you would like to send a unit in for service, please follow the steps below:

  1. Attach a letter to the actual unit with a brief description of the problems you are having with the unit.
  2. Make sure you print your complete name, address, and phone number on the letter.
  3. If the unit is covered under warranty, you must enclose a copy of your receipt or proof of purchase.
***Warranty covers manufacturer's defects only. Units that are under warranty will be repaired/replaced and shipped to you at no cost.***

• If the unit is no longer covered under warranty, you must enclose payment with the unit. To determine the cost, you should look up the repair fee by clicking HERE. You may pay by check, money order or credit card. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Please include the expiration date and cardholders name with the credit card number. Important!! Shipping and applicable taxes will be added to these charges. Please include $15 for shipping and handling charges if in the US Contiguous 48 States or $40 for shipping & handling charges if in Canada/Alaska/Hawaii/US Territories. International charges will vary.

• In order to expedite the return of your Uniden product, it is our policy to service or exchange and return "out of warranty" items without furnishing an estimate unless the service charge exceeds the standard repair cost.

• If your unit is not repairable or the charge is going to exceed the standard repair cost, you will be notified in writing with an estimate. This estimate will also be available when checking the repair status online.

Print out, Complete, & Include The Following Repair Form With Your Unit.
Please Click Here For Repair Form

Be Sure To Include The Unit & All Accessories In Order To Properly Troubleshoot Your Particular Repair Issue.

For Some Marine Products: If you qualify for the Radio Life Insurance Program, and the unit is still repairable please include the original warranty card to receive the flat fee. You can verify if your unit is repairable by entering the model number under "Repair Rates". We will ship back the original card with the unit once repair is complete.

• Ship your unit prepaid via UPS or FEDEX or any carrier with a tracking system.

• Please mail products with the repair form to:

Uniden America: Repair Department
301 International Pkwy., Suite 460
Flower Mound, Texas 75022

• Turn around time for repairs is 14-20 Business days


• Uniden America sells and supports products sold in the United States. For products either purchased outside of the USA or purchased in the USA and then taken to other areas, we are unable to provide direct support for repair, warranty replacement, or other fulfillment issues. We are unable to directly ship to addresses outside of the USA. If you live outside of the USA and need such support, you will need to have a contact with an address in the USA to work as an intermediary or agent on your behalf.


• Uniden will not be responsible for non-warrantied repair units that are sent in without payment and in which payment was not provided within 30 days of a request for payment to repair the item.


Uniden now repairs other brand model scanners. Service fee: $69.95 plus shipping.

Warranty Policy / Repair Rates / Repair Status / Send Item for Repair
Return Information