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Flat rate service/repair charges are for out-of-warranty products and, in most cases, include all parts and labor necessary to bring your product back to the original specifications.

Note: The flat rate service/repair fee is NON REFUNDABLE. If a product is not repairable, we will notify you that the unit is not repairable & we will typically offer a comparable model as a replacement at a discounted rate. This excludes all models listed as unrepairable in the drop down box below. Your service/repair fee will be credited towards the discounted rate. Two other options are also available (No Additional Charge), if you do not wish to take advantage of the replacement that is offered. 1) We can send the unrepairable product back as is or, 2) We will recycle the unrepairable product if you decide that you do not want it back.

Repairs to other brands are subject to parts availability. Most parts are common parts and are easily repairable, but case parts and custom electronic parts are typically non-repairable. Note that the flat-rate terms outlined above also apply to other-brand scanners.

Important!! Shipping and applicable taxes will be added to these charges. Please include $15 for shipping & handling charges if in the US Contiguous 48 States or $40 for shipping & handling charges if in Canada/Alaska/Hawaii/US Territories. International charges will vary. The return information section will show you exactly how to send your product in for repair.

Uniden will not be responsible for non-warrantied repair units that are sent in without payment and in which payment was not provided within 30 days of a request for payment to repair the item.

Be Sure To Include The Unit & All Accessories In Order To Properly Troubleshoot Your Particular Repair Issue.

For Some Marine Products: If you qualify for the Radio Life Insurance Program, and the unit is still repairable please include the original warranty card to receive the flat fee. You can verify if your unit is repairable by entering the model number under "Repair Rates". We will ship back the original card with the unit once repair is complete.

Due to FCC regulations, all DSC marine radios have a maximum of 1 or 2 attempts to enter the MMSI number (depends on model) then the radio locks up and prohibits any further attempts. To reset the radio, it must be sent in to the service center. The cost for resetting the MMSI number is a fixed charge of $39.95. Also include a note describing the problem along with your name, address, and telephone number. Send your unit to our service center located at:

Uniden America Corp.
301 International Parkway, Suite 460
Flower Mound, Texas 75022

Uniden now repairs other brand model scanners. Service fee: $69.95 plus shipping.

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